The Student Branch (SB) is the student unit of the Centre of Expertise Global and Inclusive Learning. The SB is run by junior researchers and student staff who are members of either the Lectorates of Inclusive Education or Global Citizenship. The vision for this unit is that students can and should play a significant role in creating an inclusive learning environment and should contribute to the concept of global citizenship. Through the SB students are invited to participate in student driven and oriented initiatives, ranging from research and empowerment activities to supporting fellow students in the pursuit of their education. The SB has four main themes of operation:
  • promotion of an inclusive learning environment
  • student support activities
  • student empowerment
  • student research


Winnie Roseval
Winnie Roseval leads the Student Branch team. She works on the development of the Inclusivity Pathway Training. She holds various duties in the MBO-HBO transition program. She trains students to serve as mentors and supports for incoming students. Winnie gives guest lectures and workshops. Winnie has a Master’s degree in Humanistic Studies with a certification in Education.
Karym Leito
Karym Leito is a member of the Student Branch Team. Karym currently does his Master’s research on students and belonging from a socio-ecological perspective. Karym works on student mobilization. He is a member of the CarE team along with Cateleine de Jong and Tamara Martina (Dept of Nursing). Karym has worked with Industrial Design Engineering student Alizee Bollen on a mobile art instillation on inclusion. Karym, Daniel, and Ruben have investigated intricacies of men in social sciences in a project called Men at Work. Karym is a graduate of The Hague University of Applied Sciences Department of Social Work and is a Master’s student in Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.
Hannah Boekestijn

Hannah Boekestijn is a member of the Student Branch team. She works on student mobilization, and student empowerment programs such a Coffee Chat, Hang in There, and working with Bert van den Bergh on mental health support. Hannah has been part of the original development team of the Inclusivity Pathway Training. She is responsible for all social media of the Student Branch. She is a graduate of Leiden University of Applied Sciences.

Ewing Amadi Salamu
Ewing has been working on the development of a Meeting Point, similar to the Meeting Point at Leiden University, a physical space where students can meet, engage and get to know each other.


Under direction of Winnie Roseval, the Student Branch in collaboration with H-Overstap (MBO-HBO transition) have developed a Peer Mentoring program which trains students to become peer mentors. This program is developed as a part of the ‘keuzedelen’ from the Hague University of Applied Sciences, during which mbo students get acquainted with an hbo environment in a ten weekly program or a projectweek, depending on the study. Read More
Students Un/Divided is a platform from universities and universities of applied sciences across the Netherlands who are eager to address issues of diversity and inclusion on their own campuses. The platform started with a kick-off Students Un/Divided conference on September 30, 2017 in The Hague. Read More
Coffee Chat is an event that the Student Branch has organized with the goal to improve visibility of both the Student Branch and the lectorate. Every so often members of the lectorate are posted in the Atrium and welcome and engage people with a cup of coffee. Read More
CarE is the most recent project launched by the lectorate Inclusive Education. CarE stands for Caribbean Empowerment and focuses on providing a network facilitated by THUAS to support students coming from the Dutch Caribbean Islands. These students are vulnerable and have shown to have high dropout rates. Read More
Hang in there is an initiative that aims to support students in their journey during the first year at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In the project students provide peer to peer support by sharing their stories on overcoming their struggles during their studies. Read More